Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I was tentatively getting Orlando’s old newborn clothes (fortunately all neutral colours!) out to get them washed and ready for our little bundle’s arrival.

We got an email on Friday 26th October from Dr Samit to inform us that Lalitha was showing signs of labour and that the baby would probably arrive in the next week.

The washing of all the clothes began in earnest!

We then got a call from Anjani on Monday 29th October to inform us that our little boy had been born. He weighed in at a tiny 5lb 3oz (born at 36 weeks) but was healthy and safe as was Lalitha, our surrogate.

We have named him Hunter and we couldn’t wait to meet him!

We jumped on the next flight to pick up our little blue bundle and introduce him to our family.

When we met him we couldn’t believe our eyes! He’s definitely ours! :o) Orlando was so excited to meet him too. He dotes on his little brother and is Mummy’s little helper already for all things concerning Hunter.

We feel so blessed and lucky that our dreams have come true. Hunter is a much loved son who we have so looked forward to meeting. As his parents we are overjoyed by his arrival as is his big brother, which is just perfect. May we enjoy many many happy days together as our complete family of 4.

We would also like to thank KIC for all the help, support and advice they have given us. They really have made dreams come true and we will be forever grateful to them for this. As any of you who have read or are reading this will know we are true advocates of surrogacy and KIC are the leaders of the pack as far as we are concerned. They have been with us every step of the way making sure we are fully informed at all times, plus most importantly making sure the surrogate mother and baby are safe and well. It is a very impressive service and we would recommend Dr Samit, Anjani Kumar and Sai Raj Jaiswal to anyone wanting to start or extend their family.

Make your dreams of having a family reality…..nothing is impossible.

Anjani Kumar, Dom, Dr Samit, Hunter, Orlando, Myself & Sai Rai Jaiswal


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