Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I was tentatively getting Orlando’s old newborn clothes (fortunately all neutral colours!) out to get them washed and ready for our little bundle’s arrival.

We got an email on Friday 26th October from Dr Samit to inform us that Lalitha was showing signs of labour and that the baby would probably arrive in the next week.

The washing of all the clothes began in earnest!

We then got a call from Anjani on Monday 29th October to inform us that our little boy had been born. He weighed in at a tiny 5lb 3oz (born at 36 weeks) but was healthy and safe as was Lalitha, our surrogate.

We have named him Hunter and we couldn’t wait to meet him!

We jumped on the next flight to pick up our little blue bundle and introduce him to our family.

When we met him we couldn’t believe our eyes! He’s definitely ours! :o) Orlando was so excited to meet him too. He dotes on his little brother and is Mummy’s little helper already for all things concerning Hunter.

We feel so blessed and lucky that our dreams have come true. Hunter is a much loved son who we have so looked forward to meeting. As his parents we are overjoyed by his arrival as is his big brother, which is just perfect. May we enjoy many many happy days together as our complete family of 4.

We would also like to thank KIC for all the help, support and advice they have given us. They really have made dreams come true and we will be forever grateful to them for this. As any of you who have read or are reading this will know we are true advocates of surrogacy and KIC are the leaders of the pack as far as we are concerned. They have been with us every step of the way making sure we are fully informed at all times, plus most importantly making sure the surrogate mother and baby are safe and well. It is a very impressive service and we would recommend Dr Samit, Anjani Kumar and Sai Raj Jaiswal to anyone wanting to start or extend their family.

Make your dreams of having a family reality…..nothing is impossible.

Anjani Kumar, Dom, Dr Samit, Hunter, Orlando, Myself & Sai Rai Jaiswal


Sunday, 9 September 2012


1st September:
Our story appeared on the front page of the Daily Mail newspaper. We saw it online to begin with when we woke up and then our family Skyped us with the actual print version as we cannot buy it in HK. It was on page 1, 2 & 3! This was neither our intention nor our expectation.

The headline was horrendous ‘Our rent a womb child from an Indian baby farm’ and on the online version it was even worse: ‘Our rent a womb child from an Indian baby farm: British couple paying £20,000 for a desperately poor single mother to have their child’.

This is NOT what we were expecting what so ever. To say we were shocked does not even begin to describe the sensation of seeing and reading information about you which is not a true representation of who or what you are.

Our names and photos were splashed all over the piece and of course we were horrified to be associated with newspaper’s spin and headline. The piece was a positive account, but we felt it was derogatory towards us, India, and surrogacy in India. I was relieved that neither Lalitha nor the clinic are named; this we had stipulated.
It was a perfect case of such goodwill and intention being completely sensationalized by the press. The final piece and headlines are chosen by the Editor of the newspaper.  We came to realise that once our story had been chosen to be on the front pages, the agenda had changed from telling our story, to selling newspapers; it is also out of the journalist’s hands. The UK press is renowned to be melodramatic, but we certainly had no inclination that this would be geared towards our story.

Family and friends were rather surprised to see us in the headline, but fortunately know that the representation of us did not match and hence the representation of India and of surrogacy in India was being exaggerated too. This is in turn what the general public will think owing to the UK press being so sensationalistic. 
I have had sleepless nights since the story was printed. I have felt physically sick with worry about everything to do with it; the implications on us, Lalitha, KIC and India.

However, regardless of the horrendous spin on the story the response to the article has been phenomenal. We have had messages of support from all over the world. These people are amazed by the choice women have in India to help childless couples; and admire the job they are doing to help such people. This message has come through in abundance and we are overjoyed that this is the reality of what the article has done.
We wanted to raise awareness of the surrogacy and the article certainly has. Our friends in the UK have been informing us that every day since the story was published more and more positive stories have been told about surrogacy in India.

The admiration for us telling our story to inspire people has been loud and clear. We have been described as brave telling our story; we do not agree. It is simply raising awareness on a subject that is not widely discussed. The other feedback we have had is that if people were in a similar predicament they would look to India for help. 

One of the best emails I got was from a Doctor who looked up ‘Ashermans Symdrome’. She didn’t know what it was, which means that now one more Dr is aware of it and could help a patient. I am certain too that she would then recommend Indian surrogate mothers now and refer people to us, who we would refer straight to KIC.

People are responding in a manner that allows them to explore what they had never thought of or didn’t know was possible. We are very approachable about the subject and would never have spoken out about it if we were not positive about it. We are not hurt and ashamed by what anyone else thinks. We are true advocates and hold our heads up high and proudly and sing the praises of Dr Samit, Anjani , Lalitha, the whole KIC team and the opportunities in India.

Our baby will know where he or she came from. Another miracle of life, which has been looked after and grown in an amazing woman’s womb instead of my own.

In the meantime the month goes on and we are still worried about Lalitha’s placenta. We have again talked to Dr Samit to check she is doing OK and the baby is still well. These 2 people are our priority.  We are also very worried about Lalitha and how she must feel – we understand she has seen the article.  As mentioned earlier, the article lacked the respect we feel she deserves for what she and others are doing as surrogate mothers.  We only hope that she can see and learn how real people, such as ourselves, totally admire everything she is doing.  She has our total support. 

We are not playing a game; we are looking to bring a new and happy life into the world and we want to do all we can to help that happen. Out intentions in life and in our surrogacy journey are good and true. We are delighted we have got this far and pray our journey is not cut short.

We are looking forward to receiving our fortnightly scans to see our little baby continue to grow and get stronger and stronger.

We will keep you posted...

Thank you for reading our story thus far.


The journalist, Helen, got back in touch. We explained that our surrogate is doing a fantastic job and we are feeling much more reassured as we are past the 20-week mark and the pregnancy progresses smoothly week by week. She asked whether we would now be happy to tell her our story, so we did as we are true advocates of KIC, Lalitha and for surrogacy in India. It has made us realize our dreams of becoming a family of four; we want to share this and let people know there is hope. We wanted to raise awareness of Asherman’s Syndrome and of surrogacy in India as a prospect for couples with fertility issues. We couldn’t be more appreciative of what the KIC team and Lalitha has done to date for us.

We told our story to Helen just as you have read in this blog (if you have read all of it)! Although we didn’t feel it appropriate to add the other heartache, relating to Dominic’s father and my Mother, both of which have been such a huge part of our lives for the past 6 months.

Helen said that a national English newspaper, the Daily Mail, was very interested in our story and would like to print it. We all supposed it would be in the back pages in amongst the other stories about people’s lives and hence agreed to let them print it. We hoped it would provide inspiration to other English couples. Helen said she would let us know when it would be printed.

We continued to get our fortnightly reports and this month received some additional test results. Anjani forwarded all of the results on to us, as he has on each occasion tests have been done. It was noted in the test results that there was calcification of the placenta; Anjani brought this to our attention and said if we had any concerns to contact Dr Samit.

We had never come across this before and we were naturally rather concerned for Lalitha and the baby. We called Dr Samit who couldn’t have been more supportive and clear in his explanation. He put our minds at rest immediately. He confirmed that the baby might be early, but also that Lalitha appeared to be doing well; that she was being monitored very closely; and she would now be scanned weekly rather than fortnightly. The care that Lalitha is receiving is second to none and it is such a comfort to know she is being so well looked after.


Lalitha is still doing an amazing job. We still can’t believe that the pregnancy is progressing so well. The fortnightly scans continue to amaze us and give us great hope and happiness.

The pregnancy is now at 20 weeks; we are half way there!! Pure relief and joy mixed into one!

As we had crossed the half way mark we began to feel a little braver and allowing ourselves to start thinking ahead - we bought a buggy! This was a huge step and it felt a little strange but it has made the pregnancy seem more real and closer to home.

As ever the KIC staff and Lalitha are doing a wonderful job. We are truly appreciative to get to this point.


As a family this was a very difficult month; Dom’s father died. This was incredibly distressing time; our family was on the other side of the world and we need to be with them. We had to put all our own emotions to one side and focus all our energies on Dominic’s father’s widow and our immediate family.

We flew home to the UK to  attend to the funeral and grieve for losing a loved one. The combination of such grief and our nerves about Lalitha and our baby continuing to grow was a very difficult balance. We had to focus on the positive; we have a baby to look forward to meeting, which definitely helped with the mourning process.

We worried about the Lalitha and our baby but we had to put this to one side to focus on the grief and bereavement of losing a father and grandfather. A huge hole was going to be left in our family.
We looked forward even more to our fortnightly reports from the KIC as this brought a huge amount of joy in a heart breaking time in our lives.


Anjani was in touch every week via email with our weekly reports and finally we got to the 12 week point! We couldn’t believe it! We were so grateful to Lalitha and the team that we had got through the first trimester and we were now able to look forward to the second and third. The reality of what Lalitha and the team were doing for us was starting to become real.

We had been very cautious about getting too excited as the fear of Lalitha miscarrying, or a complication, was very real. We appreciate how delicate pregnancy is.

At this point we told our very closest friends what we were doing, just as we had done with my pregnancy with Orlando, now that we were feeling a little more comfortable with the progress. They were all thrilled for us and so positive and enthused about our choice to ask a surrogate mother in India to carry our child. They were very excited for us and the goodwill that came forth was tangible.  We are very grateful for such supportive family and friends; we are very lucky.


Every week Anjani would send his reports and Lalitha and our little baby were doing very well. It was simply amazing to see this happening in real time. We are thrilled we have made it into the next month. Lalitha and the staff at KIC are doing a wonderful job.

In the meantime we had another problem to worry about. My mother was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and was rushed into hospital to be operated on.

Not only were we worried about Lalitha and our baby, but we now had concerns about my mother and her good health too. This was not a good month.

In the meantime we were asked by KIC if we would like to speak to a journalist about our surrogacy experience with KIC. We said we would be very happy to be contacted as we only have positive things to say.

We had got to 6 weeks by the time the journalist, Helen, got in touch. When we spoke to her we confirmed we would be very happy to talk to but at this stage it was far too early in the pregnancy. We were still feeling incredibly nervous to be talking about the pregnancy at this early stage.  Helen completely understood and wished us and our surrogate the best of luck.