Sunday, 9 September 2012


Every week Anjani would send his reports and Lalitha and our little baby were doing very well. It was simply amazing to see this happening in real time. We are thrilled we have made it into the next month. Lalitha and the staff at KIC are doing a wonderful job.

In the meantime we had another problem to worry about. My mother was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and was rushed into hospital to be operated on.

Not only were we worried about Lalitha and our baby, but we now had concerns about my mother and her good health too. This was not a good month.

In the meantime we were asked by KIC if we would like to speak to a journalist about our surrogacy experience with KIC. We said we would be very happy to be contacted as we only have positive things to say.

We had got to 6 weeks by the time the journalist, Helen, got in touch. When we spoke to her we confirmed we would be very happy to talk to but at this stage it was far too early in the pregnancy. We were still feeling incredibly nervous to be talking about the pregnancy at this early stage.  Helen completely understood and wished us and our surrogate the best of luck.

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