Sunday, 9 September 2012


Anjani was in touch every week via email with our weekly reports and finally we got to the 12 week point! We couldn’t believe it! We were so grateful to Lalitha and the team that we had got through the first trimester and we were now able to look forward to the second and third. The reality of what Lalitha and the team were doing for us was starting to become real.

We had been very cautious about getting too excited as the fear of Lalitha miscarrying, or a complication, was very real. We appreciate how delicate pregnancy is.

At this point we told our very closest friends what we were doing, just as we had done with my pregnancy with Orlando, now that we were feeling a little more comfortable with the progress. They were all thrilled for us and so positive and enthused about our choice to ask a surrogate mother in India to carry our child. They were very excited for us and the goodwill that came forth was tangible.  We are very grateful for such supportive family and friends; we are very lucky.

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