Sunday, 9 September 2012


The journalist, Helen, got back in touch. We explained that our surrogate is doing a fantastic job and we are feeling much more reassured as we are past the 20-week mark and the pregnancy progresses smoothly week by week. She asked whether we would now be happy to tell her our story, so we did as we are true advocates of KIC, Lalitha and for surrogacy in India. It has made us realize our dreams of becoming a family of four; we want to share this and let people know there is hope. We wanted to raise awareness of Asherman’s Syndrome and of surrogacy in India as a prospect for couples with fertility issues. We couldn’t be more appreciative of what the KIC team and Lalitha has done to date for us.

We told our story to Helen just as you have read in this blog (if you have read all of it)! Although we didn’t feel it appropriate to add the other heartache, relating to Dominic’s father and my Mother, both of which have been such a huge part of our lives for the past 6 months.

Helen said that a national English newspaper, the Daily Mail, was very interested in our story and would like to print it. We all supposed it would be in the back pages in amongst the other stories about people’s lives and hence agreed to let them print it. We hoped it would provide inspiration to other English couples. Helen said she would let us know when it would be printed.

We continued to get our fortnightly reports and this month received some additional test results. Anjani forwarded all of the results on to us, as he has on each occasion tests have been done. It was noted in the test results that there was calcification of the placenta; Anjani brought this to our attention and said if we had any concerns to contact Dr Samit.

We had never come across this before and we were naturally rather concerned for Lalitha and the baby. We called Dr Samit who couldn’t have been more supportive and clear in his explanation. He put our minds at rest immediately. He confirmed that the baby might be early, but also that Lalitha appeared to be doing well; that she was being monitored very closely; and she would now be scanned weekly rather than fortnightly. The care that Lalitha is receiving is second to none and it is such a comfort to know she is being so well looked after.

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