Sunday, 9 September 2012


As a family this was a very difficult month; Dom’s father died. This was incredibly distressing time; our family was on the other side of the world and we need to be with them. We had to put all our own emotions to one side and focus all our energies on Dominic’s father’s widow and our immediate family.

We flew home to the UK to  attend to the funeral and grieve for losing a loved one. The combination of such grief and our nerves about Lalitha and our baby continuing to grow was a very difficult balance. We had to focus on the positive; we have a baby to look forward to meeting, which definitely helped with the mourning process.

We worried about the Lalitha and our baby but we had to put this to one side to focus on the grief and bereavement of losing a father and grandfather. A huge hole was going to be left in our family.
We looked forward even more to our fortnightly reports from the KIC as this brought a huge amount of joy in a heart breaking time in our lives.

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