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20th January 2012:
Possibly the worst day of our lives. My fears were confirmed when my Dr told me my uterus was sealed and I could no longer carry a baby. I have ‘Asherman’s Syndrome’ which is caused by multiple D&CS.

Despair & distraught were just 2 of the emotions I felt; I was barren. I could no longer give my husband or myself the children that we so wanted. I have never cried so much; which is exhausting in itself emotionally and physically.

The question now was what to do?

Surrogacy –we had prepared ourselves for the worst outcome and there was no doubt in our minds that this was the route for us to look into. This meant that when it was confirmed we could no longer have the family we so dreamed of we were proactive and ready to look at this alterative solution.

We were fully and whole heartedly supported along this entire process by our family. Without whom we would not have had the strength to be so confident in our decision and focused about the quest ahead of us.

In our minds surrogacy is selfless. Pregnancy is a huge strain on the body and to allow another person to use your womb for 9 months is an incredibly giving and selfless act; and when involving a stranger it is even more gallant.

My doctor was very positive about it and helped give us some ideas for starters. We then also literally ‘hit’ Google! Modern technology and the internet are just amazing at a time like this when you are looking for answers and help.

After a week of research Dominic had focused in on India. India was a place both D & I could relate to; I lived there as a child & D has worked there. We like the country, the people and the fascinating culture. It is an incredible place. India did not seem an alien country to go to and surrogacy is medically and legally acceptable too.

A particular clinic kept on being mentioned and recommended on Google. We needed to get in touch! We didn’t waste a minute and we got in touch with ‘Kiran Infertility Clinic’, Hyderabad (KIC).
A gentleman by the name of Anjani immediately replied to our email enquiry as did the doctor, Dr Samit. This was extremely impressive. We were blown away and wanted to meet them!

The communications and explanations of how things would work were explained and it was so thorough that we wanted to jump on a plane ASAP!

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